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With MasterStudy LMS Plugin you can:

Create Comprehensive Online Courses
The feature-rich Masterstudy LMS Plugin gives you unlimited possibilities to create any kind of educational content, form courses and present it online, in the most demanded and convenient format.
Easily sell your products online
Turn your skills, knowledge, and practices into training website and sell it in the form of online lessons and courses. Choose different pricing models and earn money with your eLearning platform.
Build an international community
With the power of LMS Plugin, you can attract learners from all over the world. Create more than just a website of online courseware, build a strong community of people to exchange knowledge and ideas.
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Why Choose MasterStudy

Masterstudy WordPress Plugin for learning management system is a flexible and innovative software to create and sell courses online. Masterstudy LMS is the ultimate choice for universities, professional trainers, entrepreneurs and starters for building LMS websites and eLearning platforms.
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Manage Courses

Take full control over the courses. Check out some features you definitely need to use.
MaterStudy WpLMS with Gradebook


Analyze students statistics: enrollments, attendance, course completion, quiz passing rate.
MaterStudy WpLMS and Trial Courses

Trial Courses

Allow users to experience the flexibility of learning, make the first lesson free and open to the public.
MaterStudy WpLMS Co-instructors


Easily assign a second instructor to the course, work together and share responsibilities.
MaterStudy WpLMS Course bundles

Course Bundles

Increase your revenue and provide advanced offers to learners by selling courses in packages.
MaterStudy WpLMS with Content Drip

Content Drip

Lock the access to the second lesson unless the completed first one or customize your sequence.
MaterStudy WpLMS

Certificates & Badges

Create beautiful certificates and award students for successful course completion.
MaterStudy WpLMS Assignments


Add assignments to the lessons. Check student’s work, grade their performance and leave notes.
MaterStudy WpLMS Points Reward System

Points Reward System

Award points to students for different activities and allow redeeming them for courses.
MaterStudy WpLMS Lessons Live Streaming

Lessons Live Streaming

Conduct lectures in real-time, stream lessons, communicate with the students, take Q&A.
MaterStudy WpLMS Group Courses

Group Courses

Sell courses to companies and organizations, create groups and assign the course to each member.
MaterStudy WpLMS Earning & Commission

Earning & Commission

Distribute commission, set commission percentage, and effortlessly manage the whole process.
MaterStudy WpLMS Announcement


Post interesting topics and news and communicate with students via Announcements.

LMS Shortcodes — an easy way to add LMS modules

A comprehensive collection of essential online course modules that you can add to any posts or pages of your website. MasterStudy LMS Shortcodes simplify the addition of key LMS features. Just copy the shortcode and paste it into the page or use the widgets of Elementor and WPBakery Page Builders.

Shortcodes come with attributes, which let you set up the modules and manage their appearance on the site.

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It has never been easier. No need to type any line of code. Building courses is as easy as breathing if you have a magic Front-end course builder. Super convenient and transparent builder, visual composer plugin and functional drag and drop tools - everything is at hand.
Text Lessons
Video Lessons
Slide Presentation
Live Streams
Zoom Meetings

Lesson Types

Don’t stick to the one type of lesson. Take advantage of the options provided. We developed Masterstudy LMS with different lesson types to work with: video, slides, text, streams and zoom.

Course Builder

It has never been easier! No need to type any line of code. Building courses as easy as breathing if you have a magic Front-end course builder. Super convenient and transparent builder, visual composer plugin and functional drag and drop tools - everything at hand to make it as easy as possible.

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Enjoy the rich number of options to create interesting quizzes. Set time limits, passing grade, select from a number of predefined question types.
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Multi Select
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Fill the Gap
Create categories with Question Bank
Create categories with Question Bank
Automatically randomize questions
Automatically randomize questions
Set up automated quiz results
Set up automated quiz results
Allow students to retake quizzes
Allow students to retake quizzes
Attach media files of different types
Attach media files of different types
Set timers for taking quizzes
Set timers for taking quizzes
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User Friendly


One of the main advantages of Mastestudy is a simple interface. Everything is created for users’ convenience.
  • Course Wishlist

    Apply the “like” button on your website, allow users to add courses they like to the wishlist for later purchase.

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    Course Ratings

    Enable a course rating system and allow learners to extend the opinion and help others to evaluate the content.

  • Certificate Builder

    Get the recognition with professionally-designed certificates you can build easily on your own. By using the builder you can create personalized printable certificates to award the students. With a simple click, students can download their certificates and confirm the completion of the course.

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Education WordPress Theme Teacher
Teacher Profile
In Masterstudy LMS teachers have their own profiles with access to different parts and options of the website.
Education WordPress Theme Student
Students Profile
Fully managed user profiles serve as personal pages for learners and contain all the needed information.

Translation Ready

Translate your website to any language you want. With the theme supporting multiple languages you can make the content available for people all over the globe.

Easily prepare the website for different audiences with MasterStudy Theme ready to be translated to the language you want!

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Effortlessly import Udemy courses and get commissions from every sale.
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Access to popular payment methods like Paypal, Stripe, WooCommerce. Allow your students to set up recurring subscriptions and payments for the course bundles.
WordPress LMS Theme
Create membership plans and manage the number of courses available on the subscription.
LMS WordPress Theme
Shopping Cart
Allow users to select and add items to the shopping cart for eventual purchase.
Education WordPress Theme end One-Time Purchase
One-time Purchase
Configure a one-time purchase option for users to take payments via single transaction.
LMS Theme for WordPress
Affiliate Program
Get commissions from affiliate marketing, explore a new way of learning opportunities.
LMS Theme WordPress
Easily establish Instant online payments via PayPal — the most popular payment gateway.
WordPress Theme LMS
Sell courses online with one-time and recurring payment options, thanks to Stripe integration.


Revive your website and engage users with tones of integrations.
  • Message System

    Discuss and share ideas with other users, reach out the instructor whenever you have a question.

  • bbPress Integration

    Simple yet powerful software that allows easily add forums to the courses. Let only enrolled students view content and post new topics.

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Masterstudy integrates only with the most helpful tools. With the full package of integrations, you can extend the functionality of your website and design it to comply with your vision.
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