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Simple & Powerful Appointment System

Simplify your day-to-day operations. Create appointments, let clients book appointments online, and get automatic requests in your calendar.

About Plugin

Complete Booking Solution

Give customers the freedom to book your services online. Three simple steps and they are able to book an appointment.
  • 1
    Choose Service
    The first and the easiest step for your customers is to choose the service among those presented on your website.
  • 2
    Select date and time
    Clients can easily navigate through the convenient calendar and select the appointment date and time that suits the most. They can choose the employee and pick up the date. If available, simply proceed with submission.
  • 3
    Fill in the Form
    To verify the submission, customers need to fill in the form and provide some information, including their email, full name, and phone number. If the online payment is connected, it is also possible to checkout right away. And everything is set!

Admin Console

Filter the calendar
Switch between services
Check bookings data
Approve and cancel appointments
Manage your schedule

Key Features

We've made sure that BookIt Plugin has all the functions you are looking for and even more.
  • Easy Online Appointments
    It has never been easier to book directly from your website. Provide your customers with 24/7 access to your business.
  • Online Payments
    Integrate online payment gateways and easily capture and accept payments for your appointments and services.
  • Calendar Sync
    Work with the calendars you already have and import or export your appointments and reservations automatically.
  • User-friendly
    A booking system with a quick setup and a modern and user-friendly interface makes it easy to utilize for both admins and users.
  • Responsive Design
    Looks great and on all devices and screen sizes, so you can be sure your clients get the best experience.
  • Personalized bookings
    Bring online booking to all of your services, set up the scheduling system to suit your workflows
  • Customizable
    Set up and design your booking form, pick different types of fields you want to meet your business needs.
  • Works with any Demo
    BookIt plugin is universal and works with any WordPress theme and performs greatly on any business website.
  • Availability
    Set availability for a specific time or season and allow your clients effortlessly to check the accessibility of your services.

Who can use BookIt Plugin copy

BookIt is an excellent addition to any business website where reservations and appointments are a big part of management operation.
  • Corporate consulting
    Solving various issues and improving overall business performance.
  • Finance
    Specialized financial institutions supply credit for the purchase of goods and services.
  • Tax
    Companies offering a wide range of tax preparation services.
  • Insurance
    Companies providing added-value solutions to support decision-making and prevent fraud
  • Attorney
    Firms serving across the corporate, taxation, litigation, intellectual property fields.
  • Audit
    Companies providing audit, accounting, VAT, company registration services.

Trust your online scheduling to BookIt!

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