12 Ready-Made Headers

Create & Customize the Header for Your Needs

Header Builder

Using Consulting Header Builder you can easily build any header layout for your website.

Consulting Header Builder is a front-end drag & drop visual header builder for Wordpress enabling the creation of page headers in a live, visual way. This lets you focus on the look and design of your page headers, instead of tripping over the behind-the-scenes mechanics of building headers.

12+ Ready Headers

Flexible Header Positions

Headers can be positioned at the top of the page, or on the left or right which completely changes the overall design of your site and gives you maximum creativity.

Sticky Header Setup & Options

Sticky headers allow visitors to easily navigate to any page at all times without having to scroll back up top. Сonsulting WP includes a sticky header for all top positions along with several customization options like custom logo, size, animation, text, colors and more. You can also turn the sticky header on or off for desktop, tablets and mobile.

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