About Masterstudy - MasterStudy
Education Theme

The Masterstudy theme by Stylemixthemes is a revolutionary education WordPress theme.

With its minimalistic, clear, and agile usabilities. Like, the course tabs, where you can access lesson overviews, read FAQs, check announcements or leave reviews.

This is only the tip of the iceberg, as we ascend down all the beautiful features Masterstudy has to offer.

WordPress LMS Lessons

A one-of-a-kind Learning Management System, which offers features like the lessons, which come in three variations.
Feature Video

Feature Video

The video lessons have a beautiful black atmosphere, so your customers can watch, and learn in a peaceful environment.


Create brilliant lessons with images and slides, in its user-friendly lesson management tool, powered by WYSIWYG editor.


With the best of both worlds, combined with text-based content, you can create complex and unique ways of teaching.
Each lesson variations has comments sections, so your students can ask questions whenever they need to. This creates unique and user-friendly communication methods

​Education WordPress
Theme​ Courses

When you have created multiple lessons, you can combine them as a course. Students will find tabs in the courses, where they gain access to their lessons.

In these courses, teachers have the ability to leave announcements for their students. This way, a WordPress LMS like Masterstudy, creates a healthy platform for students and teachers to communicate.

Education Theme​ Quizzes

What’s a course without a quiz? With a flexible quiz-system, teachers can create quizzes with any type of question.

Quizzes contain single answer questions, multiple-choice questions, and true/false questions. Which may have a countdown timer. This contributes to the total aspect of a true education theme​ like Masterstudy.

Any lesson or quiz we have talked about are stand-alone and can be added to other courses.

WordPress LMS​ User Profile System

Stylemixthemes designed a user profile system for students and instructors. In the profile, students can check course progress, and continue paused lessons, check quiz scores, and purchase courses or membership plans.

Instructors can use their profile as an overview of their lessons, courses, quizzes, and announcements. So they know exactly how their students and courses are performing


In most cases, you want to create your whole online education environment with Masterstudy. But, whatever the reason might be, we have not forgotten about you. As the Learning Management System is not tied to the theme, you can also use it with any other WordPress theme. In case you do run into problems, a free 24/7 support service will answer all your questions through live chat, or an agile ticket system

Online Payments

Students can enjoy flexible payment methods thanks to PayPal and Stripe integration. There are flexible monthly or annual subscription plans or one-time purchase options.

The Expenses

As the ultimate WordPress LMS, Masterstudy makes it simple and hassle-free to build, customize and manage your Online Education Business. Only for a one-time payment of $69.