We are glad to present you a new version of the HomePress Theme 1.0.5. This version has been officially released on August 29, 2019. HomePress WordPress Theme 1.0.5 version has two new home pages: Brokerage Agency and Agent 2. Further, we have updated Elementor, configuration, and Import plugins. In addition, the minor bugs that have been in previous versions are now fixed. 

NEW: Brokerage Agency home page added.

Brokerage Agency home page is created for the Real Estate Agencies that buy, rent and sell homes and other properties. The main page has filtration that helps visitors to easily find what they are looking for. The website visitors can use filtration to find the property according to their needs. The properties can be filtered by:

  • amnesties
  • rooms
  • price
  • square feet
  • region
  • stories
  • status

After the filtration users will see popular properties. Popular properties will show the frequently searched apartments, offices or other properties, according to the content of the website. 

Then, there is a section for “about company” where the companies will introduce themselves to potential customers and visitors. Moreover, it shows the companies that cooperate with your organization. 

The next section represents the advantages and the range of the properties that your organization provides to the customers. It is followed by information about your company’s team members. 

The pre-final section is the reviews from the customer and the last part represents the news about the company. At the footer, there will be quick links that direct to the most essential links or to the most frequently searched web pages. In addition, the footer will include a subscription to the email.

NEW: Agent 2 home page added at WordPress Estate Agent Theme

The second home page is Agent 2. The very first thing that users will see is the picture with the button calling to action (e.g. request a property appraisal). If the visitors will scroll down they will see the featured properties that can be rent or bought by the users.

The next section is about the real estate agent. It is followed by a section with properties that are mostly searched by the website visitors. Moreover, the users will see a team of brokers, reviews from the customers, name of the cooperating companies and feedback form for the users while scrolling the website.

At the end of the website, in the footer, people will find the links leading to the frequently searched websites and the form for visitors where they can leave their emails to subscribe to the newsletter. 

Updates made at Real Estate Agent WordPress Theme

Furthermore, we have updated the following  plugins in Home Press WordPress Theme

HomePress Elementor plugin updated (v 1.0.5).

HomePress Configurations plugin updated (v 1.0.5).

HomePress Demo Import plugin updated (v 1.0.5).

FIX Minor bug fixes.