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Theme Publishing

StylemixThemes is open for co-operation and partnership with free-lancers and authors. Having big experience and expertise on Envato Market and web marketing we can publish your WordPress theme, provide 24/7 professional technical support, consulting as well as marketing and promotion.

Below you can find a detailed information about partnership agreement. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Working conditions

  • 50% gets the publisher
  • 50% gets the developer
Monthly mutual settlements within 5 working days after receiving payment from Envato PTY LTD. Terms come into force from the moment of approval and appearance of the theme on the marketplace.

Publisher's Obligations

  1. Provide recommendations on design and functionality at the development stage
  2. Check the theme for code quality, loading speed, etc.
  3. Check the theme on the Checklist before uploading
  4. Buy Extended License of the required plugins
  5. Obtain licenses for photographs and illustrations
  6. Prepare a Landing Page structure
  7. Write description texts for the theme on Themeforest and Landing Page
  8. Carry out marketing campaign number 1. And also, campaign number 2 & 3 when the necessary conditions come
  9. To give recommendations on further improvement and development of the theme
  10. Provide customer support for 24/7 themes via Live Chat and Ticket System
  11. Provide a server with the required load capacity with monitoring, monthly backups and security
  12. Writing the PDF documentation and online documentation
  13. Provide access to the StylemixThemes sales panel and monthly reports on sales and revenue
  14. Payment of royalty on a specified deadline.

Developer’s Obligations

  1. Create a WordPress theme
  2. Make the necessary adjustments moderating the WordPress theme
  3. Provide a working HTML Landing Page (by the agreed structure) or WordPress theme site for Demos representation
  4. Provide theme updates within the approved deadline
  5. Don’t copy design UI or some design elements created by other designers
  6. Use GPL items or only licensed photos, clipart or icons (Publisher should purchase all required licenses).
  7. It is forbidden to publish or promote a published theme anywhere else. All copyrights belong to publisher StylemixThemes.

Advantages of cooperation with us

  1. Access to knowledge and experience
  2. No marketing expense
  3. No analytics expense
  4. Accelerated Review Process and Start of Earning
  5. We are Power Elite Author with high rating and awareness
  6. Dedicated Envato Manager
  7. 24/7 Professional Support with live chat and ticket system
  8. Guaranteed Increase of Income

Risks and force majeure

  1. In the case of sales of the theme below 10 copies per month, there are two options:
    a) The publisher buys this theme for $600 USD and all rights to the theme and its future 100% are transferred to us.
    b) The developer buys the theme for $600 USD and all rights to the theme and its future 100% are transferred to the developer.
  2. DMCA penalty – if the theme uses other intellectual property, the developer undertakes to cover all financial losses associated with this problem and take all the legal consequences.
  3. Refusal of claims from the developer, if the theme is banned or deleted for reasons beyond our control.

Marketing Campaign #1:

Performed the first month after publication of the theme

  1. A review article in 3 highly-visited thematic blogs ($300–$500 per article)
  2. Email newsletter (12,000+ subscribers)
  3. Publication of the theme in the social networks of the publisher (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Dribbble, Google Plus)
  4. Article in the stylemixthemes.com blog
  5. $800 Google Adwords campaign

Marketing Campaign #2:

Will be executed if the theme is displayed in Weekly Top-Selling

  1. Promo voice acting video (120 seconds) and adding to Landing page
  2. Setting up and analyzing Google Analytics data
  3. A review article in 3 highly-visited thematic blogs ($500–$800 per article)
  4. Banner Ads in 2 popular media
  5. $800 Google Adwords campaign
  6. $400 Facebook advertising

Marketing Campaign #3:

Will be executed if the theme is held in Weekly Top-Selling for 90 days

  1. Development of a unique strategy for promoting the theme
  2. 1–5 place in 3 thematic selections in highly-visited media
  3. Review article in 4 highly-visited theme blogs
  4. Banner Ads in 2 popular editions
  5. Promotion on the forums
  6. Google Adwords campaign
  7. Facebook advertising

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