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    Paco Ojeda

    Greetings from Puerto Vallarta!

    We love Smarty and, little by little, we are learning how to better take advantage of all the features. I have a question regarding page titles. We’ve created several pages in our website (in Spanish) such as:

    Bienvenido a Biblioteca Los Mangos

    Historia de Los Mangos

    Servicios Bibliotecarios

    In all of these pages, we’ve entered the page title in the title field at the top of the editor, and also in the Smarty-specific options at the bottom of the page (where one can enter a title and a subtitle as well).

    However, if you look at the pages, instead of displaying their actual names, they display the word Archivos (or archives in English).
    Oddly enough, pages such as http://bibliotecalosmangos.com/apapacho/ , display the subtitle properly, but not the title.

    Any thoughts on how I might be able to fix this, and where, would be sincerely appreciated!




    There are some conflicts in the page title of the theme. Please create a ticket with your site credentials and we will fix it for you.



    Hello, excellent theme, thank you very much for the work. I have exactly the same problem, and I am also working in Spanish, I comment because it may help them. Regards, I await your comments on how to continue. Thank you

    I leave a link to the example: http://colegiodelsurmalvin.com/?page_id=3397



    Hello Pablo,

    Please create a ticket with your site credentials also and we will provide you a proper solution on this issue.



    Thanks for solving it in the last update, honestly it is an excellent theme as well as support. Thank you



    You are welcome 🙂
    Also, you can leave us a review on ThemeForest. We would really appreciate it!

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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