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    As you can see from the site in, all the social icons are of the same color and on hover of the icon, the color changes to White. However, by default I want to add Blue Color for FB, Light Blue for Twitter, etc. [something which is inline with their actual icons] and changes in color when there is a hover operation.

    Thanks in advance.




    Please try to use custom CSS like below:

    body.header_style_4 .top_nav .header_socials a i.fa.fa-facebook {
        color: #fff;
    body.header_style_4 .top_nav .header_socials a i.fa.fa-twitter {
        color: #fff;
    body.header_style_4 .top_nav .header_socials a i.fa.fa-linkedin {
        color: #fff;



    Thanks that worked. Also, it is possible to change the TITLE OF THE POST on this forum since this issue is fixed I wanted to add [CLOSED] to the title. See if this feature is needed in the forum.

    Thanks for your support

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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