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    1. Image height and width should be auto adjusted., every one have not the required image size, size should be auto adjusted,
    2. There is a button on add listing page, “Add listing”, when some one post ad it displays “Car is posted” or some thing like this, but i want to change this car word into mobile or jst your ad is posted., want to replace car word or remove., what i should have to do?



    1. Could you please clarify your request in a bit more details?
    2. Please follow this tutorial to change such kind of strings on the theme:

    Change Static Strings



    Dear I want to change only one word “Car”. For this purpose should i have to install loco? Please guide me a little more.


    Dear, Your theme is croping all images, I said that every one who is posting ad on my website have not the required size of image, all have different sizes. when some one uploads image on my website image will be cropped. so please help me, I want to force theme to display full size of image. See here edges cropped http://prntscr.com/h0fqqc



    1. You can change the theme static strings via Loco Translate plugin. Otherwise, you need to modify the theme templates.

    2. Yes, the theme crops images into thumbnails with a certain size in order to display them correctly on the whole website. You can open an image in full size by clicking on the gallery on the single listing page – screenshot. You need to use images with the bigger dimensions.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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